The staff at The Mallee Inn works collaboratively with a regional employment agency to source employment opportunities for all its guests.


Due to the warm and consistently sunny climate, the Mildura district is famous for growing a variety of crops – predominantly grapes, citrus and almonds. It is this, and other employment opportunities, that provide work ALL year round to working backpackers staying at The Mallee Inn.

Here are some of the top reasons you should choose the Mildura region and The Mallee Inn for your 88 working days:

Advantage Labour Resources is responsible for all rosters and an email of crews is sent directly to you for your allocated work the next day.

We work directly with Advantage Labour Resources to help find you employment …

The Mallee Inn works in conjunction with Advantage Labour Resources to source employment opportunities for all guests.

Employment opportunities & types are available all year round for ALL guests …

Mildura and the Sunraysia district in Victoria are well known as a thriving agricultural centre. There are work opportunities available all year round throughout the Mildura district. Some of this employment includes:

  • Irrigation
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Planting
  • Vintage
Working Backpackers - Mallee Inn Working Hostel

The employment process is streamlined …

Step 1 – Prior to commencing work, you’re required to visit MADEC – “a community based not for profit business delivering Employment, Training and Community Development initiatives throughout Victoria, South Australian and New South Wales.”

Step 2 – Located at 13A Indi Ave, Red Cliffs, you’ll need to go to MADEC Australia to complete an induction program with Olam Orchards Australia in order to receive your Work Entitlement Card.

Step 3 – After acquiring your Work Entitlement Card, you will need to attend an induction with Darren Tyson at Advantage Labour Resources before commencing work.

Step 4 – You will receive notice of your roster. Advantage Labour Resources is responsible for all rosters and an email of crews is sent directly to you for your allocated work the next day. All work enquiries can be made to Darren on 0428 915 536.

There are many reasons why you should choose Mildura to work …

Mildura is well known for its warm and consistently sunny Mediterranean weather!

The region itself is a destination and lure for visitors seeking year-round appeal. Long recognised as an important Australian food bowl, Mildura’s adjacent and prolific agricultural districts are bursting with grapes, citrus fruits, almonds, olives, countless varieties of vegetables, and much more.

All this combines to make Mildura and its surrounding region a hotspot for people seeking their 88 working days.

The Mallee Inn, located in Red Cliffs, Victoria, is an accommodation hostel for working backpackers. We work in conjunction with a local employment agency to find our guests work while they enjoy their stay in the district.

For all enquiries about The Mallee Inn, the type of employment opportunities we can help you find or the work itself, please contact our friendly staff.

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