Explore all the fabulous sites and participate in the experiences this beautiful district has to offer!

The Mallee Inn is located at Red Cliffs – a town in Victoria, Australia. The nearest larger town is that of Mildura, which is approximately 13.5 kilometres away.

With both towns – Red Cliffs and Mildura – having a number of tourist attractions, you can certainly enjoy your time off from work and get to experience the sites of the beautiful Sunraysia region. Although Red Cliffs does have supermarkets and some other speciality stores, it is the bigger Mildura that offers you the wider variety of shopping and services.

Let us introduce you to the two towns of Red Cliffs and Mildura:

Explore Red Cliffs - Mallee Inn Working Hostel


A town in rural Victoria, Red Cliffs is approximately 544 kilometres North-west of Melbourne. On the Calder Highway, Red Cliffs is famous for growing grapes, citrus and a wide variety of other fruit and vegetables. Thanks to its warm, sunny climate and its access to water from the Murray River, Red Cliffs and the surrounding area is a haven for those looking for harvest work.

A nice little hamlet, Red Cliffs provides tourists and visitors with a number of tourist attractions, shopping and services.

The centre of Red Cliffs (i.e. Indi Avenue and Ilex Street) not only houses essential services and shops, it is also home to one of Red Cliffs’ tourist attractions – Big Lizzie. A 45 tonne steam tractor used to clear the farming land in the early 1920s, Big Lizzie provides a look into Red Cliffs’ historical agricultural past.

Another one of Red Cliffs’ beautiful tourist attractions is that of the Cliff Top Lookout which is within the Red Cliffs’ Scenic Reserve. This lookout provides visitors with staggering views over the Murray River, the landscape, an irrigation pumping station and the surrounding irrigation channels. The Red Cliffs’ Pumping Station was built in the early 1920s to pump water from the Murray River up over the cliffs.

Tourist Attractions

  • Big Lizzie
  • Murray Cliffs Lookout
  • Red Cliffs Scenic Reserve
  • Red Cliffs Historical Steam Railway
  • Nursery Ridge Estate Winery
  • Carringbush Glass Gallery
  • Red Cliffs Golf Club
  • Kings Billabong Park

Shopping & Services

  • Butcher
  • Fishers IGA Supermarket
  • Red Cliffs Pub
  • Hairdressers & Salon
  • Local Swimming Pool
  • Foodworks
  • Pharmacy
  • Banking Branches
Explore Mildura - Mallee Inn Working Hostel


In close proximity to Red Cliffs, the town of Mildura has a population of around 30,000. Located on the banks of the mighty Murray River, Mildura is one of Australia’s leading producers of agriculture. In particular, Mildura is renowned for grapes. So much so, that Mildura supplies in the order of 80% of Victoria’s grapes.

Restaurants abound on Mildura’s famous “Feast Street” or “Feastreet” as the locals call it. The eclectic range of restaurant delights caters for most tastes. Situated on Langtree Avenue, Feastreet is home to a mix of restaurants, cafes, taverns and pizzerias. In many of these establishments, visitors can also purchase food and wine that is both grown and made right in the Sunraysia district.

In the theme of good food and wine, a visit to Mildura would not be complete without dining on the mighty Murray River. This is provided by paddleboats that deliver daily river dining options.

As mentioned, Mildura is the larger of the two towns and features numerous tourist attractions. It also has all the services and shopping that the visitor requires to make their stay enjoyable and convenient.

Tourist Attractions

  • Australian Inland Botanic Gardens
  • Mildura Brewery
  • Visitor Centre
  • Putt Putt Family Fun Centre
  • Sun City Rollerama
  • Lock 11
  • Woodsies Gem Shop
  • Mildura Arts Centre
  • Old Mildura Homestead

Shopping & Services

  • Mildura Central
  • Hairdressers & Salons
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Shopping Mall
  • Various Supermarkets
  • Local Swimming Pool
  • Pharmacies & Medical Clinics
  • Bakeries & Butchers
  • Banking Branches